Past Projects

Curious about the specifics of what we do? Here is a detailed project description of how we’ve helped customers.


This project was jam packed with custom work. The customer in Moncton, NB sold our customer this new Reefer Trailer and we took over from there. This job started with the installation of a 2018 Carrier X4 7500 Apex. The 7500 Apex is Carrier’s high-capacity unit, perfect for deep frozen loads. We added an iBright Satellite communication system to this project so that the reefer could be controlled remotely. They requested a custom-length, extended fuel tank. We fulfilled the request and finished it with a powered coat in flat black. We added an under mount tool box that was also powder coated in flat black. Our experts added a solar panel system on the trailer’s roof to maintain battery charge during the reefer’s off time. The temperature display on the corner of the trailer is a reverse read out option that allows the driver to read the temperature from the driver’s seat.  


FRESCO 9000 

The customer pulled up to Stockford Reefer Services with a couple of requests for his International LT. We did a mid-roof installation of an Autoclima Fresco 9000 which is a 12V battery powered air conditioning system that allows this customer to stop idling their truck. Thanks for the business, we hope you’re enjoying your new unit. To learn more about this product, please visit our product section.